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Clearwire – epic fail, worst ISP ever!

Clearwire – let me count the ways I hate you. So I was a Qwest user for many, many years. I loved them. Then around November ’07 the speed came crashing down. I went from 7Mbs to like 70kb! Everytime I would call I would get the same line: “Well the modem is synced at 7Mbps so that is what your getting”. It didn’t matter that their own speedtest tool ( showed I was getting 1/10th that.

Finally I had to move my home server to Slicehost and my mail over to google. I needed a new ISP. I would have gone to Comcast but I have Broadstripe (used to be Millennium Cable) in my area which is just slightly better than two cans and string.

I thought Clearwire was the ticket. It was GREAT for the first week and then it went to shit and stayed that way. I was getting 4,000ms ping times! I was seeing 80% packet loss. It took forever to just check my e-mail. After six weeks and escalating my ticket multiple times I was told, in March, it would be fixed in May! That was enough. I called them up to cancel and I have to pay a cancellation fee to get out of my contract (I know, my fault for signing one).

Even though they documented the crappy service they wouldn’t let me go for free. The customer person I was talking to was even arguing with me! Trying to convince me they have great service! She wanted me to transfer my service to someone else to avoid the early termination fee. I told her I wouldn’t wish Clearwire on my worst enemy. Their official line was since I was getting *some* connectivity they fulfilled their obligation since speeds are not guaranteed.

P.S. Fuck You Clearwire

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