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Found a new backup program – CrashPlan

I was reading reddit today and was reading an article about a guy who lost his laptop. One of the programs he used was CrashPlan. I looked into it and really liked what I saw so I bought two licenses (because I didn’t want to see ads) and have setup my home mac and my wife’s mac.

I am also looking at their business solution + server to backup laptops at work. They have a 30 day trial so I will be playing with that on Monday.

One of the problems with laptop backups that the Apple crowd fixed was only backing up when your on the network via Time Machine. As far as I know (and I have looked) here isn’t Time Machine type solution for Windows until now with CrashPlan.

The other think I like is the ability to back up to other computers on the network and friends systems outside your local network.

CrashPlan can also backup to the cloud to their protected data center.

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