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Just got a PS3. First Impressions.

I recently got a PS3 and having been a XBOX 360 user for the past two years I thought I would give my first impressions. Note that I am not a “fanboy” or a “hater” just pragmatic. Up until now I haven’t really had extra money to spend on one.

Okay first the good:

1. It is Quiet. I cannot believe how silent it is. The XBOX 360 sounds like a plane landing so I was expecting *some* noise but there isn’t any.
2. It is an excellent DVD player. So good I unhooked my dedicated one. It has a really good upscaling feature.
3. I really like the hardware design. It has a slot loading disc drive and touch buttons so there are no moving parts on the outside. It doesn’t have a huge power brick like the XBOX 360. It uses a standard, easily replaceable hard drive.

Now the bad:

1. Sealed rechargeable controllers
2. Didn’t come with high definition cables (component or HDMI)Games:Looks good. Not better or worse than the XBOX 360.


I like it!

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