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A special place in hell for “live droppers”

So over the weekend I got Duels of the Planeswalkers for the XBOX 360. I played Magic the Gathering a lot when it first came out. When I started playing “The Dark” expansion had just been released so I consider myself an old school player. I am rusty though and have been getting my butt kicked all weekend on Live. Tonight finally I am about to win my first ranked match and am feeling good when the host drops. Nice. Instead of losing a match fair and square and affecting their rank, they drop. I don’t know if this breed of jerk has a name so I am going to call them “live droppers”. I think they deserve their own level in hell right below traitors.

By the way, the game is excellent! If you like Magic The Gathering or card games in general, it’s worth picking up for 800 points.

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