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M*A*S*H DVD Menus are the best

M*A*S*H is my favorite TV series of all time and I typically watch the entire series at least a couple of times a year. One of the things that took me a while to notice was how well the DVD menus are. Each season has a different look and most incorporate scenes from the episodes in the episode sub menu. Fonts are different, they sometimes wrap to scene elements and in one case they are backwards.

I am including a couple of screenshots to make my point.

Here we see the menu tacked onto the ring and it almost looks like it should be there

Requiem For A Lightweight

The topic for the episode, exchanging red for blue, is used as the menu. I like how they used both colors.

Change Day

This one is my favorite. In this episode Radar tries his hand at writing. I love how the font is backwards.

The Most Unforgettable Characters

It seems to me this was the promise of DVD but very few movies and TV series really make use of the available media to make each disc unique.

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