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Goodbye Reddit, I hardly knew ya…

I gave up Reddit today. There was a discussion on /r/Games about reviews for the new Hitman: Absolution game. Pretty much everyone was panning it but I am looking forward to it. I made a comment that said I couldn’t wait to play and was greeted with downvotes and vile responses. Now this is /r/Games not /r/gaming where you expect trolls and the like. Reddit-quette states that you shoudn’t downvote comments you disagree with only those that don’t add to the discussion. Well two other folks were also interested in the game and they were also met with downvotes and shitty comments. I can’t explain why exactly I felt the way I did but I recently watched the Jamie Kennedy documentary, Heckler, and I learned that some people just like to shit on other people for the fun on it. I decided I wasn’t really gaining anything by reading Reddit daily (except maybe being on top of the latest Internet memes) and I didn’t want to be shit on by anonymous people. So after six years I deleted my account. I know some would say I “took my ball and went home” but first and foremost I have my own mental health to look after and worrying about what people think of my comments on an internet site is not good for my health. I just don’t need it.

UPDATE (12/11/2016): I didn’t last that long and now have a new Reddit account.

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