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Time heals all wounds… I guess

On October 26th of 2010 I posted that I was leaving Apple. That lasted a couple of years until I went to Z2 and was given a Macbook Pro. I forgot what a joy it was to use an Apple product. I decided I wasn’t going to boycott them anymore. I tend to swing back and forth when it comes to things like this.

Pretty much everything I use now is an Apple product except for my game system which is a Windows 10 based system.

The combination of an excellent GUI and the ability to get a UNIX shell is just perfect. A previous post covered my favorite Macintosh applications and I thought I would revist that post and do an update.

I still use Acorn, Witch, Transmit, and OmniGraffle. I no longer use Path Finder, I have just gotten used to the standard Finder. I don’t use Adium anymore. I use HipChat at work and stopped using a personal IM. I would still use Yojimbo if Bare Bones would update it. For now I typically use the built in Notes application. I switched from MacPorts to Brew due to its non-invasive nature. EnergySavvy is a Mercurial shop so I don’t use Versions anymore. I pretty much just use VIM now so no more Coda and I never read news groups anymore so no more Unison. I don’t have a disc burner anymore so I don’t use Disco either.  Finally I still use MarsEdit and am using it to make this post.

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