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Tideworks Update

Well, it’s been two years since I started at Tideworks. I was hired to help usher Tideworks to the cloud. They produce software that runs terminals (as in container ships docking and unloading containers). They have several different applications that run in their own (or customers) data center. They want to leverage the elasticity of cloud computing.

When I first started one of my initial projects was Kubernetes and two years later, we have realized that without our applications being properly refactored that Kubernetes was premature. We still see it in the future but right now it is overkill. We don’t need it yet.

We are moving towards fully deployable customer environments with a single click (and all that entails). A lot of Terraform, Ansible, and AWS.

Two years on we haven’t migrated existing legacy environments to AWS but have spawned new environments there. Eventually everything in our on-premises data center will be in AWS (or Azure or a combination of both).

It’s no secret the vision behind this bold effort recently left Tideworks (as well as other high-ranking folks) and now there is a subtle re-evaluation if moving the existing legacy environments to cloud makes financial sense and instead just focus on new environments.

If your application fully embraces AWS services and is elastic, you can save a lot of money and scale without issues.

If your application is a legacy one that sits on EC2 instances…well AWS isn’t cheaper, and it might be more expensive.

I love working for Tideworks. I get to work on a lot of different things. The work is never boring. I am glad I accepted my job offer there.

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