Happy New Year

Posted on Mon 02 January 2017 in Misc

Welcome to 2017. I hope everyone had a good holiday. I spent my holiday moving my companies office from Pioneer Square to Smith Tower on the 19th floor. I have a fantastic view but there is way too much sun. I am hoping to find a dark corner.

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My new iMac arrived yesterday

Posted on Sat 21 May 2016 in Misc

I received my new iMac 4k yesterday. It is replacing a MacMini from 2012. I got the 21” model with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD drive. Beth is getting one as well and hers technically was here on Thursday but it was DOA with the 2TB Fusion drive not being detected. I returned it and will order her another one. I love having a retina display. I use an iMac 5k at work and now when I sit in front of a normal screen I hate it.

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Finally a decent ad-blocker

Posted on Sat 30 April 2016 in Misc

I recently discovered AdGuard. This runs as a daemon on your system and not as a browser extension. It is really nice. I can’t believe I didn’t know about it till now. I bought four lifetime licenses and installed them on all my computers.

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Firewalls and their managers

Posted on Sat 13 February 2016 in Misc

I have used a number of commercial firewalls: Check Point, Watchguard, Barracuda, and Cisco ASA. Why do they all have crappy Windows based management software?

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Good-bye Unity, Hello EnergySavvy!

Posted on Sun 07 February 2016 in Misc

This post is quite late...

I didn’t last long at Unity. I did enjoy my time there but I underestimated the strain of commuting to Bellevue (I live in Seattle). Ultimately I left because of it. I knew I didn’t want to work for another game company. The hit driven nature meant the company would always be chasing their last hit to the detriment of everything else.

It turns out that Leo, the CTO at the time of my hire, used to work at Pelago (up to this point my favorite job by far). Leo had a particular way of working and I almost quit twice in my first month (August of 2014). Ultimately we worked it out. I guess he trusted me enough to keep things running since he left shortly after I started and is now working at Facebook.

UPDATE:I was concerned about my representation of Leo. Its too short with too little context so I want to give more detail.

First...I loved working with Leo. I consider him a friend. He certainly didn’t leave because of any issue we had. I think he was ready for something new, something bigger and Facebook provides that in spades.

Second…Leo built EnergySavvy up from nothing and made it the place I wanted to work at. Yes we had some disagreements but we really did work them out. I was writing this as a stream-of-conscious post and really that was my biggest memory of starting there and so that dominated it.

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