Posted on Mon 05 October 2009 in Movies

I just finished watching the movie Deadgirl and I really liked it. It was an original take on on the zombie/vampire genre. In this age of sequels and remakes it was refreshing to see something new.

That being said it was a pretty sick and twisted movie. If you like horror with a bit of social commentary check it out.

If you are looking for another movie that will challenge your perceptions of the horror genre you should also check out KatieBird *Certifiable Crazy Person.

Finally, another movie I saw recently but which you should avoid is Feed. Interesting concept on the serial killer sub-genre but totally ridiculous.

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Completely desensitized – Last House of the Left – snorefest

Posted on Sat 27 June 2009 in Movies

So I have been hearing for years that this was one of the hardest movies to watch, a real horror show as Alex DeLarge would say. Well I finally watched it tonight and thought it was totally tame and stupid. The actors are not convincing and the music is horrible. I just don't get what the big deal is.

I must be completely desensitized...

Movies that, for me, were harder to watch (but I still liked!):

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Phase IV on DVD…finally!

Posted on Thu 16 April 2009 in Movies

One of my all time favorite "hard scifi" movies is 1974's Phase IV available on Amazon. What I mean by "hard scifi" is it only takes a little bit of suspension of disbelief to really think it could happen. Think Andromeda Strain or Colossus: The Forbin Project.

The movie starts out with a simple explanation that some astrological event happens and scientists wonder what will happen to the planet. Something small does happen instead of something big. Ants. Ants become more intelligent. They begin to behave differently. Two scientists are tasked with studying the problem using computers and crypto analysis.

The movie is filled with beautiful macro photography of ants working against the humans. Stuff like infiltrating the AC so the computers can only work at night. Bringing bits of poison to the queen so the next generation of ants is immune. And finally communicating using geometry!

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Thank you for smoking – Go see it!

Posted on Thu 01 June 2006 in Movies

My wife and I saw Thank you for smoking with some friends and it was really good - very funny.  At the end your cheering for big tabacco - must see.

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The DaVinci Code movie

Posted on Sat 20 May 2006 in Movies

Well my wife and I saw the movie this morning and we both liked it.  It followed the book well.  The music was horrible though but it was easy to block out.  The way Ron Howard filmed the flashbacks was really sweet - I think you'll see that style copied in the future.  The book has a lot of speeches explaining different things to the reader and the movie did a great job with these.

In short the book was entertaining and the movie is too - go see it.

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