New colorscheme part two

Posted on Sun 22 July 2018 in Programs

I gave up on the Nord color theme and have switched to Solarized Dark.

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Found a new color scheme

Posted on Mon 04 June 2018 in Programs

For the longest time I have been using the most excellent Dracula Theme but I recently discovered the Nord theme and have switched to it.

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Switched from 1Password to BitWarden

Posted on Sun 20 May 2018 in Programs

Today I switch from 1Password to BitWarden. Now that I don't have a personal Mac anymore I wanted a password manager that would work on Linux. BitWarden has desktop clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux. They also have mobile clients for OSX and Android.

Their plugins work on all browsers including Microsft Edge which 1Password has never worked on.

Everything is also open source!

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Converted my site from Wordpress to RapidWeaver

Posted on Mon 12 December 2016 in Programs

I got tired of dealing with managing Wordpress. Always installing updates, patches, checking whether or not I have been hacked. I didn't really need Wordpress and its complexity. RapidWeaver, an OSX application for creating websites, does everything I need. I was able to convert my blog in a couple of hours. It is now completely static, no php, no database.

UPDATE: (05/19/2018) I converted my site to Jekyll

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Apple program update

Posted on Sun 07 February 2016 in Programs

Shortly after my last post about which Macintosh programs I still use I am making a change. MarsEdit is out. I also tried Desk PM which kept crashing. I am now using Blogo which I quite like.

I shouldn’t have blindly updated MarsEdit thinking the new version would be so much better. I also shouldn’t have purchased Desk PM but did based on the reviews.

Both MarsEdit and Desk PM didn’t work right, crashed quite a bit, and I couldn’t actually update my blog using them which is unfortunate since that is their main purpose.

Blogo is really great and I am glad I found it. I am not fond of writing in web based editors.

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