Time heals all wounds… I guess

Posted on Sun 07 February 2016 in Programs

On October 26th of 2010 I posted that I was leaving Apple. That lasted a couple of years until I went to Z2 and was given a Macbook Pro. I forgot what a joy it was to use an Apple product. I decided I wasn’t going to boycott them anymore. I tend to swing back and forth when it comes to things like this.

Pretty much everything I use now is an Apple product except for my game system which is a Windows 10 based system.

The combination of an excellent GUI and the ability to get a UNIX shell is just perfect. A previous post covered my favorite Macintosh applications and I thought I would revist that post and do an update.

I still use Acorn, Witch, Transmit, and OmniGraffle. I no longer use Path Finder, I have just gotten used to the standard Finder. I don’t use Adium anymore. I use HipChat at work and stopped using a personal IM. I would still use Yojimbo if Bare Bones would update it. For now I typically use the built in Notes application. I switched from MacPorts to Brew due to its non-invasive nature. EnergySavvy is a Mercurial shop so I don’t use Versions anymore. I pretty much just use VIM now so no more Coda and I never read news groups anymore so no more Unison. I don’t have a disc burner anymore so I don’t use Disco either.  Finally I still use MarsEdit and am using it to make this post.

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My Top Mac Apps

Posted on Sun 23 August 2009 in Programs

My Favorite Machintosh Applications. In no particular order.

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Facebook iPhone App – Goodbye you piece of crap!

Posted on Mon 17 August 2009 in Programs

Today marked the third time I attempted to use the Facebook iPhone app to comment on someone else's status only to have it fail due to an error and lose my comment.

Golden rule: Don't lose data!

So I deleted it today. Not worth putting energy into it only to see it flushed. At the very least it should keep the comment around in some sort of draft state so it can be dealt with later but to just lose it is ridiculous.

I am very close to closing my Facebook account anyway since I get no value out of it at all. Zero.

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Windows 7 RTM – I am now running it.

Posted on Mon 10 August 2009 in Programs

I upgraded my Windows Vista Ultimate game system to Windows 7 Ultimate this weekend. Overall the system feels faster and I like the new taskbar. I really like the "snaps" feature that allows you easily tile two windows together.

What I didn't like was they took away the Aurora screen saver - it was my favorite of any platform. Luckily I found it online.

My CPU doesn't support hardware virtualization so I can't run XP mode; oh well.

The upgrade took about four hours.

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Safari 4.0 how I hate thee

Posted on Mon 20 April 2009 in Programs

I uninstalled the Safari 4.0 beta today because I just couldn't stand two things:

  1. Beach balls all the time!
  2. Copy and paste just stop working all the time!

I didn't find it faster than 3.x at all. The copy and paste stops working and you have to restart the browser.

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