Whatever happened to selling computer games?

Posted on Sat 11 March 2006 in Code

I went down to Electronics Boutique, er EBX, er EB Games today looking for some computer games - you remember those right?Well I was shocked when I walked in and saw every single wall covered with console games. I remember back when at least two walls were devoted to PC games.

Near the back of the store on a four sided vertical shelf was the PC games. Terrible selection and only the newest games out right now.

What has happened? I wish I knew. I can only guess the console games have better profit margins.

There was a Best Buy across the street and decided to check it out against my gut feeling to run in terror (I had a really bad experience there last year and swore never to return). I cautiously approached the PC game section and it was filled with lots of games - new ones, old ones, classics, etc...

A sad day indeed with Best Buy has a better selection of PC games than EB Games. I now have no reason to ever go there again since I have a Game Crazy across the street from where I live.