Move along...Nothing to see...

Catching up on the year past

Lots of stuff...

  • I no longer work at Speakeasy. I now work at a startup called Pelago, check out our first product Whrrl

  • I have given up my consoles and my gaming system to focus on programming (which means I also stopped subscribing to GameTap)

  • I finally replaced my aging Dual G5 with a 24" iMac

  • The whole exercise thing didn't last long, in fact I have gained weight

  • I was debt free for about a monthSad

  • I don't role play every week anymore, turns out the people we were playing with turned out to be assholes

  • I got the whole Harry Potter series on audio and listen to it all

  • I am not running a server at home anymore. I got a SliceHost and moved my mail to Google Apps for domains

  • My wife wrote a graphic novel, check it out at

  • My wife also went to Europe for two weeks with a friend