Move along...Nothing to see...

Facebook no more

Well I did it. I quit Facebook today. Some of reasons are trite and some are well reasoned.

Let me first say that I like all my friends and love to hang out with them in the real world. Being connected to them on Facebook wasn't really real to me. I didn't feel any closer to them. I didn't feel like I didn't need to see them because we are connected on Facebook.

I also didn't really care what they were doing. Don't get me wrong I like my friends and am glad I have them but I don't really want to know the minutia of their lives. When I finally do see them or talk to them there is nothing to say because I know everything!

From my perspective most folks were more interested in playing Mafia Wars and other games like it, taking quizzes or promoting their latest cause.

Things I am interested in:

  • Marriages

  • Divorces

  • New Babies

  • New Jobs

  • New addresses, phone numbers and email addresses

Other than the list above; I just don't care. Facebook did give me the above information but lost in a sea of crap.

Some of you might call me a hypocrite because I have a blog and I can accept that however I blog for myself; not caring if anyone else reads it. I think of my blog as a journal or diary. Something to look back on in the future and reflect.

Finally I am not saying Facebook is bad for everyone - just bad for me.

UPDATE (12/11/16): That didn't last long…