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August 2006

I should be a Guidance Counselor?

I am currently looking for a job and starting taking some online tests from Now I have been a geek all my life and been working with computers in some form or another for about 10 years. According to Tickle's Right Job/Wrong Job test I should be either a High School teacher or a Guidance Counselor. Suffice to say I am ignoring the results of the test.


Every Saturday my wife and play roll playing games at a friends house. We started with Vampire: The Masquerade, then went to Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP), Dungeons and Dragons, and finally GURPS or Generic Universal Role Playing System.

We switched to GURPS because my friends wife got an editors job at GURPS and we wanted to support the company.

I must say that I really like the system. It's really simple. Today I picked up
GURPS for Dummies because I am still learning the system and it has some really neat reference cards.

You can also buy just about anything except the two core books in PDF form for a lot cheaper with no DRM.

Check it out if you get a chance.

GameTap keeps getting better…

I haven't been on GameTap in about a week and I come back to Descent III! So cool. I also loaded up Empire Earth which I never played but is a lot of fun. Another one I tried is Wings of War. I love that I have access to all these games for only $10 dollars a month.

the show with ze frank

The genius of Ze Frank cannot be overstated. I have seen all of his shows. If you have not seen him yet I suggest you checkout the show.

Here are my top three favorite episodes:

The Baseball Show
Don't be afraid
Its more complicated than that

Posting from the command line

Posting from the command line is cool. I found a wordpress library for python: and wrote a little script to do the rest.

Blogging From TextMate

Blogging from TextMate is possible. I was getting tired of the WordPress editor and googled for Macintosh blog editors and came across Blogging From TextMate. I being a longtime TextMate user was embarrassed I didn't know about this feature already. Just goes to show I should explore all the bundles after every update.

Bump keys and why key locks are no longer safe.

I stumbled across the following video via my new favorite site,

Its a video from Germany talking about "Bump Keys". Bump keys are normal keys cut to the maximum depth. You then put the key in the lock and tap it with something hard like a screwdriver handle. 90% of key locks can be opened in under 10 seconds with this method.

Even better I found a link in the comments of the story to this pdf which explains the whole process in detail:

Furthermore I found a link to a Bump key auction on ebay:

Sure am glad I got mine before they ran out...

Putting down a bad book

Some astute readers of my blog (I think a total of two people) might have noticed I started reading a new book but didn't put Dan Brown's Digital Fortress in the "Just finished reading" section. I liked DaVinci Code even though it read like a screenplay - it was fun. However since I am in computers I couldn't stand all the little mistakes Dan made in Digital Fortress. Furthermore after reading DaVinci Code, which came after Digital Fortress, I felt I already read the book. I asked a good friend at work about this. I basically said - "Is it alright not to finish a book" to which he replied that yes it was. He told me earlier in his life he couldn't stop reading a book even if it was bad but now that he is older he will just put it down. Life is too short for bad books.