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July 2006

Gametap is back!

Well I just spent the last hour on the phone with GameTap technical support and we figured out the problem. It was my video cards running in SLI mode. Turn off SLI and everything works great. I don't know why previous versions worked okay with SLI but the newest update doesn't like it. Luckily it is real easy to turn off SLI. The tech support guy was real nice and while GameTap was loading again we were talking about our favorite games. I like that real gamers work there.

I feel bad that I blamed GameTap right off and didn't even attempt to call tech support. I guess being burned so much in the past by other services and companies I didn't expect anything could be done. So glad to be wrong.

So I got a free month and am happy againHappy

UPDATE: Easiest way to avoid this is run in Windowed mode

Somebody is actually reading my blog!

I got an e-mail from somebody at GameTap explaining they read my blog and wanted to see if I would work with them to solve the problem. How cool is that? Obviously I said yes because I really do love the product. I will update when I know more or the problem is fixed.

Goodbye Gametap

I loved Gametap. I wrote about it more than once. Today I got an update that added all these "great new features" and effectively broke it. In the Arcade simulators there is now a pronounced stutter effect that makes playing the games an exercise in frustration.

Google wants me?

So I haven't posted in forever because I haven't had anything to say.   Today I got an e-mail from google asking if I was interested in working for them.  I don't know if this was a truly directed e-mail or not but I still was flattered.  I have a phone interview with them on my birthday.  I will update with the results of that.  I am really happy at Amazon but I think I would regret if I didn't at least talk to them.  They use a lot of Python in house, which is what I am currently working with so I hope that helps me out a bit.