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July 2009

A special place in hell for "live droppers"

So over the weekend I got Duels of the Planeswalkers for the XBOX 360. I played Magic the Gathering a lot when it first came out. When I started playing "The Dark" expansion had just been released so I consider myself an old school player. I am rusty though and have been getting my butt kicked all weekend on Live. Tonight finally I am about to win my first ranked match and am feeling good when the host drops. Nice. Instead of loosing a match fair and square and affecting their rank they drop. I don't know if this breed of jerk has a name so I am going to call them "live droppers". I think they deserve their own level in hell right below traitors.

By the way the game is excellent! If you like Magic The Gathering or card games in general its worth picking up for 800 points.

Taking back my social graph

So today I removed some 50 Facebook friends and deleted my Twitter account. Feels good to reclaim my social graph. Honestly I only want to be connected to people I really care about and not people who are more of acquaintances. I will keep all my Linked in contacts because that is a perfect service for business type relationships.

Red Ring of Death E74 – My Turn

So the other night I was playing Fallout 3 and the graphics started getting weird. There were red vertical bands where shading would be and when I went into VATS mode the highlighted body parts looked like TV static. I thought I would power cycle my XBOX and hopefully that would clear the problem - wrong!

Came back up with an error E74.

So I bought a new one last night and will ship the broken one off to Microsoft to get repaired.

Once I get it back I will sell it on craigslist.