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November 2009

Modern Warfare 2: EPIC

I just finished Modern Warfare 2. It was, in a word, EPIC. The single player campaign is pretty short. I finished it on normal difficulty in about six hours. That being said it was a wild ride. I wasn't sure the sequel could live up to the original but it did and surpassed it. This game goes to great lengths to show you a realistic depiction of war while still maintaining that video game feel. More than once I felt uneasy about what I was doing in the game. I was also at times thinking "why the hell did I just go through that?" The plot is dense and twisting. The story was totally believable and there were parts that I predicted and many that I didn't.

I don't want to give anything away so I am being vague on purpose. You really need to experience it without prior knowledge to get the full effect.

My biggest complaint of the first one was how wave after wave of baddies would just keep coming at you until you passed some spot. That is fixed now, yay! I don't normally go for multiplayer but I have been playing the free for all mode and have been enjoying it a lot. I am going to try some of the other modes as well.

I got the XBOX 360 version so the lack of dedicated servers doesn't affect me. I can say though that so far online play has been smooth and easy.

Of Borderlands, Dragon Age Origins and Torchlight

I got the three games mentioned in the title. So far the only one I am really happy with is Torchlight.

Borderlands: Diablo done wrong. Uninspired levels, repetitive creatures and a million weapons that all look and act the same and no armor! So the only loot is weapons; boring.

Dragon Age Origins: If Oblivion was a Porsche then Dragon Age Origins is a Toyota. Its the third day and it still hasn't captured me. I don't feel like I have to play this game.

First of all the story is right out of every single fantasy novel, movie and game you have ever experienced.

Second of all there is this lush beautiful world and you get to interact with none of it. There is a narrow path you can walk along. I loved in Oblivion that I was able to go
anywhere. In Dragon Age Origins the environment seems very small and confining. The gameplay is ok but I prefer the pause based system of Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR).

Finally, if you haven't purchased it yet get the PS3 or PC version; they are both better than the 360 one (which I got) if you can believe that. The PC is the best though because you can zoom out and see a more tactical view.

Tonight after playing for about an hour I felt like playing Oblivion again! I just wish I hadn't completed everything in the game. Oblivion is the only game where I got every single achievement. Right now I am not even sure I will finish Dragon Age Origins. I bought this game sight unseen due to the developers previous games (Baldur's Gate II, KOTOR, Mass Effect) but I wish I would have waited for the reviews and peoples opinions first.

Torchlight: Gorgeous game that looks like Warcraft III and plays like Diablo II. Seriously fun times. I downloaded the demo and played for three hours straight then purchased it. I love it. I will definitely be playing this game a lot. Kudos to Runic games for pulling off a masterpiece. Apparently they are working on a MMO component and I am pretty excited to see what they come up with.