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10 months and no social media

Just over 10 months ago I deleted all my social media accounts. I have not missed them at all.

Webfaction is hosting my email now

Well, my email on didn't last long. I wasn't happy with how the server operated within the Windows 10 Email or Outlook clients (uses a web api and not a true IMAP server). Webfaction, my hosting company for the past five or so years, also handles email but I never used it. I set it all up and moved my wife's domains over to it as well. They worked with me to upload 10GB of archive mail (since 1999) that my wife collected. I don't hang on to email that long so I didn't have a lot to move over.

All of our secondary accounts now forward to one main account on Webfaction. Its nice to actually have a real, authentic, IMAP server and not a Google imitation.

Finally gave up on "social media"

A contact from a recruiter on Friday really infuriated me. It was obvious he was doing a generic search on LinkedIn and blasting out an email hoping for a response. I responded and said I would never work with someone who resorted to SPAM. He gave me a pretty lengthly reply about how he was the good guy and a family business and I should be lucky to receive his email. It was then I realized LinkedIn doesn't do anything for me but fill my inbox with desperate recruiters who don't give two shits about me and who can't take the time to actually read my profile before contacting me. LinkedIn has zero motivation to fix this as paying users that send out these messages support the site.

Something in me snapped. I deleted LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. I can't think of a single meaningful interaction I ever had on any of them. We'll see if anyone notices and contacts me. My email address hasn't changed since the early 90's and is pretty unique so folks who want to can reach out.

I also switched my personal domain from Google to I have decided to give Microsoft a try and see how they do. They aren't perfect but at least what they do is up front and in your face. I have no idea what Google does with my information and frankly I don't care to give it to them anymore.

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2017. I hope everyone had a good holiday. I spent my holiday moving my companies office from Pioneer Square to Smith Tower on the 19th floor. I have a fantastic view but there is way too much sun. I am hoping to find a dark corner.

My new iMac arrived yesterday

I received my new iMac 4k yesterday. It is replacing a MacMini from 2012. I got the 21” model with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD drive. Beth is getting one as well and hers technically was here on Thursday but it was DOA with the 2TB Fusion drive not being detected. I returned it and will order her another one. I love having a retina display. I use an iMac 5k at work and now when I sit in front of a normal screen I hate it.

Finally a decent ad-blocker

I recently discovered AdGuard. This runs as a daemon on your system and not as a browser extension. It is really nice. I can’t believe I didn’t know about it till now. I bought four lifetime licenses and installed them on all my computers.

They are running a 40% off sale right now for the next week:

Firewalls and their managers

I have used a number of commercial firewalls: Check Point, Watchguard, Barracuda, and Cisco ASA. Why do they all have crappy Windows based management software?

Good-bye Unity, Hello EnergySavvy!

This post is quite late...

I didn’t last long at Unity. I did enjoy my time there but I underestimated the strain of commuting to Bellevue (I live in Seattle). Ultimately I left because of it. I knew I didn’t want to work for another game company. The hit driven nature meant the company would always be chasing their last hit to the detriment of everything else.

It turns out that Leo, the CTO at the time of my hire, used to work at Pelago (up to this point my favorite job by far). Leo had a particular way of working and I almost quit twice in my first month (August of 2014). Ultimately we worked it out. I guess he trusted me enough to keep things running since he left shortly after I started and is now working at Facebook.


I was concerned about my representation of Leo. Its too short with too little context so I want to give more detail.

First...I loved working with Leo. I consider him a friend. He certainly didn’t leave because of any issue we had. I think he was ready for something new, something bigger and Facebook provides that in spades.

Second…Leo built EnergySavvy up from nothing and made it the place I wanted to work at. Yes we had some disagreements but we really did work them out. I was writing this as a stream-of-conscious post and really that was my biggest memory of starting there and so that dominated it.

New theme!

Well after 10 years I figured its time for a new theme. I updated pretty much everything. I re-added my resume and modified my picture page. This is all in the hopes of me actually writing more.

UPDATE (12/11/2016): I am in the process of converting my Wordpress site to a static
RapidWeaver site. I am tired of worrying about Wordpress security, version numbers, etc…I don't need anything but a static site anyway.

Good-bye Z2, Hello Unity!

So on November 5th I started at Unity Technologies,, after nine months at Z2. I really liked working at Z2 and have nothing but good things to say about them. I left because of the opportunity at Unity. One of the perks is a pro license for their game engine so perhaps I will get around to creating a tower defense game I have been thinking about since I first played Desktop Tower Defense ( some 10 years ago or so.

Good-bye PopCap; Hello Z2Live!

Today is my last day at PopCap.  Monday (2/18) I start at Z2live.  People have asked me why I left PopCap and I think it comes down to me wanting to work for a small company.  I really liked PopCap - I didn't like EA.  EA made three major changes that affected me personally:

1. They let go the culture team

2. They switch healthcare providers
3. They went to bi-weekly paydays

I am sure if PopCap was still PopCap and not EA/PopCap  I wouldn't be writing this post.

Goodbye Reddit, I hardly knew ya…

I gave up Reddit today. There was a discussion on /r/Games about reviews for the new Hitman: Absolution game. Pretty much everyone was panning it but I am looking forward to it. I made a comment that said I couldn't wait to play and was greeted with downvotes and vile responses. Now this is /r/Games not /r/gaming where you expect trolls and the like. Reddit-quette states that you shoudn't downvote comments you disagree with only those that don't add to the discussion. Well two other folks were also interested in the game and they were also met with downvotes and shitty comments. I can't explain why exactly I felt the way I did but I recently watched the Jamie Kennedy documentary, Heckler, and I learned that some people just like to shit on other people for the fun on it. I decided I wasn't really gaining anything by reading Reddit daily (except maybe being on top of the latest Internet memes) and I didn't want to be shit on by anonymous people. So after six years I deleted my account. I know some would say I "took my ball and went home" but first and foremost I have my own mental health to look after and worrying about what people think of my comments on an internet site is not good for my health. I just don't need it.

UPDATE (12/11/2016): I didn't last that long and now have a new Reddit account.

MSL Curiosity landed on Mars

Beth and I had Popeye's takeout and watched the whole event live! It was really fun.

Poor little blog…no one loves you…

Over a year since my last post. I go back and read my earlier entries and wonder why I always stop. I guess because I don't feel I have really anything important to say. I have decided though to pick it up again and use this as an outlet for me and me alone. If other folks stumble across it then so be it.

Well my two posts dealt with my decision to stop using Apple products and leaving Pelago for PopCap Games. On the former I am still 100% Apple-freeHappy On the later I am still at PopCap Games though now they are owned by EA.

The only thing I miss from Apple is OmniGraffle. There is no program that comes close to it. When I got rid of my iPhone I went to Android. I started with a Samsung Captivate then a Motorola Atrix then a HTC Titan (Windows Phone) and currently I am using the HTC One X (white one). Through it all I have stayed with AT&T. I was a pretty big supporter of the Windows phone until Microsoft announced WP8 and made every currently shipping Windows phone obsolete.

Regarding Pelago. I left because I didn't want to work for GroupOn. I thought back then that they were a slimey company and I still think so. I don't understand why Jeff Holden wanted to go there. Now they didn't want me so it didn't matter but I made my decision to leave before I knew they didn't want me. Jeff could have easily let me go without another word but he gave me a huge chunk of money for my four years of time there and I was ever so happy. My wife got to go to Europe for five weeks because of it. I miss working for Jeff and Jeff (Ayars my old boss).

Pelago was great and I sometimes really miss it. PopCap is the best job I have ever had however. I get all the technical freedom I had at Pelago with none of the crazy hours.

I would like to talk about three of the biggest mistakes I made at Pelago which cost the company money which it could have used later on.

The first mistake was listening to initial projections on growth and buying equipment upfront for 10 million users. That was just so stupid. Lesson learned: Launch lean. Wait till the site falls over before spending money. Cost to Pelago: $500,000.

The second mistake was buying a pair of BigIP 6400s. Seriously we could have gotten by with 1500 LTMs. Again I was convinced that those 10 million users were right around the corner. Cost to Pelago: $80,000 to $120,000.

The third mistake was not putting my foot down when I got there and getting us off of Microsoft Exchange. We spent money on hardware and software for an upgrade that never came nor could have because of initial decisions to put us on the Microsoft Small business platform. Instead of biting the bullet and just killing it early on it just festered over three years until finally I moved the company to Google Apps for Domains. There is just no reason to run Microsoft Exchange at a company with less than 100 people. Don't do it. Cost to Pelago: $25,000.

Time for a change…

I am leaving Pelago after four years. I have accepted a position at Popcap games! I am very sad and excited. Sad to leave Pelago who has been so good to me but very excited for a new chapter in life.

Goodbye Apple…

Today marks the day I start purging Apple from my life. My music has been moved to my Windows system, my MacMini has been shutdown. Soon I will upgrade all my DRM tracks from iTunes to the unprotected ones so I can move all the music to my Linux system. My AT&T contract is up in February and I will be getting either a Nokia N900 or some Android phone and after that I will be Apple free.

The deprecation of Java is the last straw for me. My Anti-Apple sentiments has been building over the last two years but the Lion announcement and the Java blurb is enough.

When OSX first came out I remember them talking about Open systems. A first class Java platform, kernel and user land that was open source (Darwin). Safari was based on the khtml engine and became webkit.

Of course they did some nasty things back then as well:

Anybody remember Watson? Then Apple's Sherlock? You know the complete rip off of an indie developer?

Anybody remember Konfabulator? Then Apple's Dashboard? You know the complete rip off of an indie developer?

Anybody remember Delicious Library? Then Apple's iBooks? You know the complete rip off of an indie developer?

Just a few examples of when I should have left Apple before but let it slide.

Then came the iPhone and it has been downhill ever since. Now don't get me wrong the iPhone is a wondrous piece of engineering but it comes at a high price: completely closed development and walled garden.

This is a post I made on Reddit six months ago: and I was almost ready then to ditch Apple but I thought maybe there was a chance of things changing.

Lion and the new MacApp store shows that Apple is tightening the reigns more and more.

One more thing that really pissed me off. I have an original Apple TV and when Apple decided to not port the Netflix app to the old version I lost it. I just couldn't believe it. I hadn't been a victim of this before now and I wasn't happy at all. There is NO reason to not upgrade the older Apple TVs other than to kill them off.

Apple is the new Microsoft, Google is the new IBM and Oracle is worst of both put together!

So I am putting my trust in CanonicalHappy (makers of Ubuntu)

What a strange time we live in.

UPDATE (12/11/2016): This didn't last long. I am back on Apple. I am unhappy with their current direction and things they have done but they are still better then anyone else.

A long time coming…

For my latest blog update? Correct. I also visited my Mom in Texas and the last time I was there was six years ago (When Half-Life 2 was released!). It was a much better trip this time around because my sister and her four kids were not there. It was relaxing. I didn't do anything except sleep and eat.

I have played (and finished) a number of games since my last update as well:

  • Final Fantasy I (PSP version)

  • God of War I

  • God of War: Chains of Olympus

  • Saints Row II

  • Puzzle Quest (PSP version)

I am current playing but haven't finished:

  • Final Fantasy VII

  • God of War II

  • Just Cause 2

  • The Saboteur

I gave up playing:

  • Final Fantasy XIII

  • Bayonetta

iPhone from locked to unlocked back to locked

I have been an iPhone user since February when I got the 8GB 3G model. I love it. I call it my tricorder. It has everything a geek on the go needs. I have about nine screens of applications and games.

A lot of my friends also have iPhones and most of theirs are jail broken and run the Cydia app store. I thought maybe I was missing out so I decided to take the plunge and jail break my phone.

There is a lot of documentation out there and I was a little nervous about doing it. I wanted to be sure I had the latest and most up-to-date information.

A Google query here and there revealed two primary methods. Every time I searched for "iphone unlock" ads for were shown. Its looked good. I pay $29.99 and download a piece of software that does all the work for me.

Well there is a sucker born every minute and it was my time to be the sucker.

I paid the $29.99 and instead of getting a piece of software that does it automatically I got instructions and multiple downloads that pretty much mimicked everything else out there. Now the instructions were so detailed even a noob could follow them but still it was not automatic.

I had to follow this complicated 20 plus step process that involved wiping my phone and deleting everything on it. (I had backups so I wasn't worried).

The whole process took about 30 minutes quite a bit longer than the five minutes the ad promised.

Okay so my phone was now unlocked and I had this Cydia app store icon - now what? Well that was the end of the instructions. At this point I had to do more googling and reading up on Cydia to see what exactly I could do with it.

In a nutshell its Debian apt-get with a nice front end similar to Synaptic on Ubuntu.
Okay what to install? Well more googling revealed something called winterboard which is a theme manager. From there I installed some different themes and a category application.

All of a sudden it was 1997 again and I was playing with
Enlightenment (an awesome window manager for X). For its time there was nothing cooler. Gnome and KDE were babies and if you wanted something "cool" you ran it.

I was back in that mindset. What looks cool. Oh a neat clock. New icons! Look at that awesome wallpaper.

After about an hour playing with the themes and Cydia I realized that one of the reasons I love Apple computers and the iPhone so much is it just works (and it looks good in its own right too).

I have long since given up making my desktop and windows look "cool". I am firmly in the function over form camp now.

I don't want to tweak my phone endlessly. I don't want to worry about upgrades breaking everything. I didn't want to be cool; I just wanted an iPhone.

So I un-unlocked my phone.

Facebook no more

Well I did it. I quit Facebook today. Some of reasons are trite and some are well reasoned.

Let me first say that I like all my friends and love to hang out with them in the real world. Being connected to them on Facebook wasn't really real to me. I didn't feel any closer to them. I didn't feel like I didn't need to see them because we are connected on Facebook.

I also didn't really care what they were doing. Don't get me wrong I like my friends and am glad I have them but I don't really want to know the minutia of their lives. When I finally do see them or talk to them there is nothing to say because I know everything!

From my perspective most folks were more interested in playing Mafia Wars and other games like it, taking quizzes or promoting their latest cause.

Things I am interested in:

  • Marriages

  • Divorces

  • New Babies

  • New Jobs

  • New addresses, phone numbers and email addresses

Other than the list above; I just don't care. Facebook did give me the above information but lost in a sea of crap.

Some of you might call me a hypocrite because I have a blog and I can accept that however I blog for myself; not caring if anyone else reads it. I think of my blog as a journal or diary. Something to look back on in the future and reflect.

Finally I am not saying Facebook is bad for everyone - just bad for me.

UPDATE (12/11/16): That didn't last long…

Tech Support: 1; Me: 0

I have a Brother laser printer and it recently quit working. I tried everything I could but it just would not print. It was also just a week outside the one year warranty so I thought I was screwed.

I avoided calling tech. support because I have never had luck with it. I am a Linux System Administrator and self-confessed geek. I can certainly fix my own stuff! (XBOX 360 RROD not withstanding).

Well I am working from home today and finally decided to call and go through the process. I had too because I was considering buying another printer and wanted to make sure I explored all my options.

So I call and was talking to a human at Brother in about three minutes after telling the computer what model I had.

The nice lady had me turn off my firewall and print out the general settings. She asked me about one line on the sheet and I told her what it said. She then instructed me to the printer and changed that one setting.

All of a sudden my printer came to life spitting out test documents I had been throwing at it for the last hour.

Turns out somehow my printer got set to only listen to print requests on the parallel port and ignore the others. She just had me set it back to AUTO and all was well.

Total call time: seven minutes.

So not only am I relieved that my printer is working and I don't have to buy another one but I am really happy I had such a great tech. support experience with Brother; makes me glad I chose them.

So sometimes the old dog can learn new tricks and sometimes tech. support can come through.

Tech Support: 1, Me: 0.

Taking back my social graph

So today I removed some 50 Facebook friends and deleted my Twitter account. Feels good to reclaim my social graph. Honestly I only want to be connected to people I really care about and not people who are more of acquaintances. I will keep all my Linked in contacts because that is a perfect service for business type relationships.

Turning on comments…

I have turned on comments to see what happens. Now I get to find out if anyone but me actually reads this.

Blog from the dead!

So I decided to bring back my blog. I was going over past entries and got a kick out of reading old entries. I have also decided to make a new and concerted effort to get into more programming...again.

That's not to say I haven't been programming but most of the programming I do is based around system administration. Now that I have an iPhone I think I want to cut my teeth on that platform. To that end I recently picked up a series of Apress books focusing on the mac platform.

I took a C course and the University of Washington so I am pretty comfortable with that but I got the first book anyway to learn more about Xcode and how to use it most efficiently.

My Friend in Chicago

Hi Autumn - don't forget to take notes on Day of the Dead.

The Coming Zombicalypse

Are you prepared for when Zombis come? My friends at work and I were discussing this. What do you need? Where would you go? Would you try to save anyone or go it alone?

Three Days, Three Ways should have options for this eventual problem. There needs to be a Zombi kit.

In my opinion the right guns need to be owned:

Clearwire – epic fail, worst ISP ever!

Clearwire - let me count the ways I hate you. So I was a Qwest user for many, many years. I loved them. Then around November '07 the speed came crashing down. I went from 7Mbs to like 70kb! Everytime I would call I would get the same line: "Well the modem is synced at 7Mbps so that is what your getting". It didn't matter that their own speedtest tool ( showed I was getting 1/10th that.

Finally I had to move my home server to
Slicehost and my mail over to google. I needed a new ISP. I would have gone to Comcast but I have Broadstripe (used to be Millennium Cable) in my area which is just slightly better than two cans and string.

I thought Clearwire was the ticket. It was GREAT for the first week and then it went to shit and stayed that way. I was getting 4,000ms ping times! I was seeing 80% packet loss. It took forever to just check my e-mail. After six weeks and escalating my ticket multiple times I was told, in March, it would be fixed in May! That was enough. I called them up to cancel and I have to pay a cancellation fee to get out of my contract (I know, my fault for signing one).

Even though they documented the crappy service they wouldn't let me go for free. The customer person I was talking to was even arguing with me! Trying to convince me they have great service! She wanted me to transfer my service to someone else to avoid the early termination fee. I told her I wouldn't wish Clearwire on my worst enemy. Their official line was since I was getting *some* connectivity they fulfilled their obligation since speeds are not guaranteed.

P.S. Fuck You Clearwire

Yay Speakeasy! I have fast internet again

Funny how I didn't have Speakeasy when I worked there but I have it now. Speakeasy came through for me and now I have fast internet again. I got daily updates and the installation was seamless and on time. I got the Onelink DSL (6Mbs/768kbs) so its on a "naked pair". They also give a static IP address. Now I can play WOW and Xbox Live again.

Strange Dreams

A couple of nights ago I dreamed that I left my current job, Pelago, and went back to my previous job at Speakeasy. In my dream I regretted it and even met a co-worker out somewhere and we were talking about infrastructure changes and I pointed out I thought he was making a mistake and then he bluntly told me I didn't work there anymore. I love working at Pelago and can't imagine leaving anytime soon - maybe there is another meaning.

Last night I dreamt I was still at AT&T Wireless and was leaving to go to England for some reason. I was working with all my old friends and had to say goodbye to everyone - I remember being quite sad about it.

One dream on it own isn't that meaningful but two dreams of leaving has spooked me a bit. I wonder if the collective unconscious is trying to tell me something.

Catching up on the year past

Lots of stuff...

  • I no longer work at Speakeasy. I now work at a startup called Pelago, check out our first product Whrrl

  • I have given up my consoles and my gaming system to focus on programming (which means I also stopped subscribing to GameTap)

  • I finally replaced my aging Dual G5 with a 24" iMac

  • The whole exercise thing didn't last long, in fact I have gained weight

  • I was debt free for about a monthSad

  • I don't role play every week anymore, turns out the people we were playing with turned out to be assholes

  • I got the whole Harry Potter series on audio and listen to it all

  • I am not running a server at home anymore. I got a SliceHost and moved my mail to Google Apps for domains

  • My wife wrote a graphic novel, check it out at

  • My wife also went to Europe for two weeks with a friend

Back from the dead

I figure a year off from blogging is enough. I am back!

Excellent Quote

"I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours."

Stephen Henry Roberts (1901-1971)

Broken Toe?

Yesterday in a mad dash to answer the phone I stubbed my toe real good. Incredible, intense pain followed by a nice balloon swelling. I iced it most of the day and now it doesn't hurt that bad and looks a lot worse than it feels. I still have feeling so I guess its okay. Viva la toe!

Broken Toe

Debt free in a week

I am so excited. My wife and I will be debt free in one week. I am actually sleeping better because of this.

I got a job!

Wow what a day! I got three offers today. I accepted the one I wanted the most. I am now a Senior System Administrator at speakeasy. Yay me.

Republican Rules

I try not to link off of reddit because if I can read something there so can you but every now and then I find something too good to pass up.

The 17 rules to being a Republican

I should be a Guidance Counselor?

I am currently looking for a job and starting taking some online tests from Now I have been a geek all my life and been working with computers in some form or another for about 10 years. According to Tickle's Right Job/Wrong Job test I should be either a High School teacher or a Guidance Counselor. Suffice to say I am ignoring the results of the test.

the show with ze frank

The genius of Ze Frank cannot be overstated. I have seen all of his shows. If you have not seen him yet I suggest you checkout the show.

Here are my top three favorite episodes:

The Baseball Show
Don't be afraid
Its more complicated than that

Bump keys and why key locks are no longer safe.

I stumbled across the following video via my new favorite site,

Its a video from Germany talking about "Bump Keys". Bump keys are normal keys cut to the maximum depth. You then put the key in the lock and tap it with something hard like a screwdriver handle. 90% of key locks can be opened in under 10 seconds with this method.

Even better I found a link in the comments of the story to this pdf which explains the whole process in detail:

Furthermore I found a link to a Bump key auction on ebay:

Sure am glad I got mine before they ran out...

Google wants me?

So I haven't posted in forever because I haven't had anything to say.   Today I got an e-mail from google asking if I was interested in working for them.  I don't know if this was a truly directed e-mail or not but I still was flattered.  I have a phone interview with them on my birthday.  I will update with the results of that.  I am really happy at Amazon but I think I would regret if I didn't at least talk to them.  They use a lot of Python in house, which is what I am currently working with so I hope that helps me out a bit.

Long time, no post…

I haven't written anything in the last week because I have been slammed at work. I moved to a new team and I am doing more development work. This is good because eventually I want to be a full time programmer. Right now I am working in the high level languages like Perl and Python but I do have C training and I think I would like to do more lower level stuff.

I also am getting my first taste of what it means to be a programmer. Being a system administrator is fun because you can program when you want to - if I ever got bored of a script I was working on I could do something else. Its another story when your primary role is to write that script. Getting bored? Too bad finish it.

My first project is a Perl script about 2,000 lines long with lots of mySQL interactions. This also marks the first time I have worked with databases in any meaningful way. Took me about three or four days to get to the point where I was comfortable writing SQL queries. The Perl DBI layer makes a lot of this easy.

I am also now writing code that other people depend on which is a lot different from the system administrator scripts I usually write. Now my code needs to do the right thing under a variety of circumstances. I am making liberal use of Perl's eval statement so I can have some sort of deterministic behavior.

Recently I read a Damien Katz blog entry called
Error codes or Exceptions? Why is Reliable Software so Hard? which really spoke to me on my current plight. I am doing a combination of his three error handling styles - including the travel back in time one (I have rollback queue that gets poplulated with the actions to undo a step, in the case of an error I just run through the queue and have gone back in timeHappy)

Writing a Perl script this big has really made me appreciate Perl more in its flexability but has also made me yearn for Python more for its cleaner syntax and excellent exception handling.

At this point I am on the fence whether I want to be a full time programmer but this experience is a great way for me to get my toe in the water without jumping in.

New DVD player is the cats meow

On the advice of a friend I picked up a new DVD player this weekend. Up till this point I have been using my PS/2. I recently downloaded some videos from the internet and and a heck of a time transcoding them to DVD. I tried twice on my PC and finally succeeded on my MAC.

My friend at work explained that new DVD players could play PC/MAC videos burned on a disc.

I got the
Toshiba SD-3990 from the evil empire (no not Microsoft - Best Buy).

Sure enough it played everything I threw at it:

  • MPEG

  • DIVX

  • WMA

(I haven't tested Quicktime yet)

UPDATE: No Quicktime.

The best part - it only costs $59!

I also picked up
Top Gun to add to my 80's action movie collection.

Third week anniversary of exercising

Well today marks the third week since I started exercising six days a week. I only missed two days (Monday and Tuesday of this week) because I hurt my back last Saturday.

Well so far it is not getting any easier. I still have to will myself out of bed and I still don't want to exercise every morning.

I am still going to do it of course but I really thought it would be automatic or habit by now.

My response to the AT&T/NSA debacle

Tonight I setup my Linux box to be a Tor server - a network of virtual tunnels to aid in anonymous internet use. I encourage you to do the same if you have some spare bandwidth (you can rate limit).

Lazy Saturday

Slept in today but I still exercised (weights). Later today I am going to the Emerald City Comic Con and may go to Fry's as well.

Fry's is like Toys-R-US for geeks.

More exercise

Well I did weights again today but went down to 20 pounds from 30. I still felt the warm burning sensation in my muscles so I am sure I am still getting benefit. Yesterday I could have sworn I pulled a muscle and I wouldn't be able to do weights for quite some time but I woke up this morning feeling fine. So my body is telling me: "Three days between weights" which is fine.

Papa Murphy's doesn't like me…

My wife got a pizza from Papa Murphy's yesterday. We have eaten about five pizza's from them so far but this most recent one, something was different.

Within 10 minutes of finishing my last slice I had terrible stomach cramps. Within 30 minutes I was in the bathroom where I was for the next 20 or so hours every 20 to 30 minutes.

It was not pretty.

What really sucked was I was working most of the time on a con call which last some seven hours.

There I was in the bathroom, ear piece in and phone muted, wishing I could roll-up into a little ball and sleep.

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger or so they say. Since I am now stronger I have the strength to never eat Papa Murphy's again.

Oh, you may be wondering why my wife didn't get sick - we always get half Canadian Bacon + Pineapple and half Pepperoni. I ate the Pepperoni half.

Exercise day three…ouch

Well I did weights today. I did two sets of 10 at 30 pounds doing about nine different arm and leg maneuvers. I am sooo out of shape. I am also in a lot of discomfort. It didn't help that I worked 17 hours yesterday and didn't get home until 12:30am either. I know if I can keep this up for another 30 days it will get easier.

Second day of exercising

Well we got up again this morning at 7:00am. Whew I am tired. Yesterday I did 30 minutes on an elliptical and according to the distance meter I went about two miles. Today I did 30 minutes on a treadmill and according to its distance meter I did 1.6 miles. I am not sure either machine is properly calibrated because the time on the treadmill felt a lot longer and harder. I was only able to jog/run for about 11 of the 30 minutes before I started to feel searing pain in my legs and decided to do a fast walk.

I think on the weekends I will do weights. I am not entirely sure I am working out the most efficiently since I am sort of making it up as a go but I am afraid to do anything official as I would probably get trapped by the fitness industryHappy

We also have a gym right next to our house so if after a few months (I am being very optimistic I can keep this up) I could get some time with a personal trainer.

Life change? I hope so

My wife and I decided last night that we had to get in shape and resolved to get up every morning at 7:00am and exercise for at least 30 minutes. Well today is the first day. I know logically this is the right thing to do. I am almost 33 and I don't think I could run a mile flat outSad When the alarm went off I couldn't believe I was considering sleeping in! I didn't though.

Why is doing the "right" thing so hard?

There is a TV in the exercise room (which our condo is right next to - talk about no excuses - I am right next door!) and I got to watch a morning news program for the first time in about 18 months because that is when we gave up watching TV.

Ugh. I couldn't believe the crap that counts as news today. A full 15 minutes devoted to someone who got voted
off of American Idol. After that there was 5 minutes of commercials then a story about a Coyote in Central Park NY. This is news? No wonder Americans are ignorant.

Look and Feel change

Well I decided I wasn't entirely happy with my hacked up default theme. I wanted a wider theme so when I wrote code examples they wouldn't run into the sidebar. I found a theme called Anarchy and hacked it up. I like simple designs and few graphics make it load very fast.

New Python website is sexy

Well it looks like has finally entered the realms of web 2.0. Nice colors, css templates, and new round jelly looking logo. Is this a reaction to Guido's recent post regarding better marketing or had they planned this for quite some time? (my guess is its been in the works for a while).

Currently Python is my language of choice but after reading all of Steve Yegge's old
blog entries I am second guessing myself and thinking I shouldn't drop Ruby totally.

Now I have a blog too!

Well this is the first entry of my new blog. I thought "Hey everyone else has one - why not me?". Well not exactly. Actually another blog entry persuaded me to blog. Steve Yegge used to work at, where I work now. While I recognized the name I didn't really know him. I didn't even know he wrote a blog until I saw it linked off of the other day. I was hooked. After spending most of Sunday night reading through his blog I came across his entry titled You Should Write Blogs and it convinced me to start one of my own.

So I did some googling and decided on
WordPress. I had previously setup MediaWiki so I already had a mySQL installation. I had it up and running in about 20 minutes and was impressed - not only did it look good but is a cinch to administrate.

I then had to convert my
old site to WordPress. I still have a lot to learn but I got it up and running in about two hours, which included modifying the default template. My old site had a javascript calculator I wrote which doesn't work correctly as a WordPress "page" so I will probably work on that next.

Speaking of modifying the default template, how do you like my header? I got it from a program called
RapidWeaver which I bought and used for about a month before deciding that it wasn't powerful enough. Thankfully since I own a license I don't feel bad about ripping out one image and some CSS from one of their templates.

One other thing...I am eagerly waiting for midnight when
David Gilmour's new solo album, On an Island, is released on iTunes.

Well I guess this is enough for now...stay tuned!