New colorscheme part two

Posted on Sun 22 July 2018 in Programs

I gave up on the Nord color theme and have switched to Solarized Dark.

Found a new color scheme

Posted on Mon 04 June 2018 in Programs

For the longest time I have been using the most excellent Dracula Theme but I recently discovered the Nord theme and have switched to it.

Switched from 1Password to BitWarden

Posted on Sun 20 May 2018 in Programs

Today I switch from 1Password to BitWarden. Now that I don't have a personal Mac anymore I wanted a password manager that would work on Linux. BitWarden has desktop clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux. They also have mobile clients for OSX and Android.

Their plugins work on all browsers including Microsft Edge which 1Password has never worked on.

Everything is also open source!

Goodbye EnergySavvy...Hello Oracle!

Posted on Sat 19 May 2018 in Misc

I was with EnergySavvy for almost four years but in April I decided to leave and pursue an opportunity at Oracle. I am working with a bunch of folks that used to work at around the time I was let go.

At some level it feels like a redemption.

Oracle is doing some really interesting things in the bare metal cloud space. I am working on the IO team and we manage Chef for the rest of the organization.

Due to Chef I am learning Ruby.

10 months and no social media

Posted on Sun 21 January 2018 in Misc

Just over 10 months ago I deleted all my social media accounts. I have not missed them at all.