About Me

A little about me...

I am a typical computer geek. I love computers. I love video games. I love to read science fiction. I use Linux and OS X at home and at work.

I grew up in Michigan, Hawaii, Guam, and Washington. By far I liked Washington the most and so I decided to live here permanently.

I met my wife (Elizabeth Guizzetti) when I was 21 in 1994 at Endfest (A local yearly rock concert). I knew right away we were meant to be together. We were married on September 7th, 1996.

My wife goes by Beth and she is an artist and author, check her work out at https://www.elizabethguizzetti.com

We decided not to have kids but we do love animals.

Recently our beloved dog Ginger passed away (pictures under the Pictures link above). It was really hard on both of us. We debated whether we ever wanted to go through something like that again. Eventually we decided 10~15 years of joy with a dog was worth the pain of the last year. So in March '04 we got two new red toy poodles, a brother and sister. The boy's name is Tycho Stormcrow (named after the Tycho character of Penny Arcade and Gandalf of The Lord of the Rings - don't ask - I just thought it sounded cool). The girl's name is Merigold Rose. We just call them Tycho and Rosie respectively. We don't cut their hair like typical poodles so most people don't know they are poodles.