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Where are all the emacs books?

So I decided to give emacs another try. I say another because in 2004 I used it for about 3 months before deciding to go back to vim. So I went to Barnes & Noble at the University Village shopping center tonight and they didn’t have a single book! When I got home I went to (I work there by the way) and searched for ’emacs’. Three titles came up that were relatively new and in print. Three. The greatest editor ever and there are only three books? Eclipse hasn’t been out that long and there are entire bookshelves dedicated to it so what is the deal? I don’t know but it might be related to lisp. Lisp is supposedly the greatest programming language available but good luck finding more than one or two books on the topic and those will probably be academic texts.

Maybe the emperor doesn’t have any clothes on. Maybe I am reading all these blogs from Paul Graham and Steve Yegge and am convincing myself that the whole world is using emacs and lisp except me.I will am still going to give emacs another go but I won’t expect it to solve all my problems this time around and maybe I will enjoy it all the more.

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