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Month: March 2006

Finished Eternal Darkness and exercise

Earlier I blogged about the great Nintendo Gamecube game Eternal Darkness. I am happy to say I finished it! I didn’t get the uber sword so it was a lot harder at the end – took me three days.

Sixth day of exercising and 7th day waking up at 7:00am (didn’t exercise on Sunday). Today is the first day where after I was done I didn’t feel like collapsing so I think it might be getting a bit easier.

My arms and legs feel a lot better too (though still sore) since I moved to the 20 pound weights.

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More exercise

Well I did weights again today but went down to 20 pounds from 30. I still felt the warm burning sensation in my muscles so I am sure I am still getting benefit. Yesterday I could have sworn I pulled a muscle and I wouldn’t be able to do weights for quite some time but I woke up this morning feeling fine. So my body is telling me: “Three days between weights” which is fine.

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Papa Murphy’s doesn’t like me…

My wife got a pizza from Papa Murphy’s yesterday. We have eaten about five pizza’s from them so far but this most recent one, something was different.

Within 10 minutes of finishing my last slice I had terrible stomach cramps. Within 30 minutes I was in the bathroom where I was for the next 20 or so hours every 20 to 30 minutes.

It was not pretty.

What really sucked was I was working most of the time on a con call which last some seven hours.

There I was in the bathroom, ear piece in and phone muted, wishing I could roll-up into a little ball and sleep.

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger or so they say. Since I am now stronger I have the strength to never eat Papa Murphy’s again.

Oh, you may be wondering why my wife didn’t get sick – we always get half Canadian Bacon + Pineapple and half Pepperoni. I ate the Pepperoni half.

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Exercise day three…ouch

Well I did weights today. I did two sets of 10 at 30 pounds doing about nine different arm and leg maneuvers. I am sooo out of shape. I am also in a lot of discomfort. It didn’t help that I worked 17 hours yesterday and didn’t get home until 12:30am either. I know if I can keep this up for another 30 days it will get easier.

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Second day of exercising

Well we got up again this morning at 7:00am. Whew I am tired. Yesterday I did 30 minutes on an elliptical and according to the distance meter I went about two miles. Today I did 30 minutes on a treadmill and according to its distance meter I did 1.6 miles. I am not sure either machine is properly calibrated because the time on the treadmill felt a lot longer and harder. I was only able to jog/run for about 11 of the 30 minutes before I started to feel searing pain in my legs and decided to do a fast walk.

I think on the weekends I will do weights. I am not entirely sure I am working out the most efficiently since I am sort of making it up as a go but I am afraid to do anything official as I would probably get trapped by the fitness industry.

We also have a gym right next to our house so if after a few months (I am being very optimistic I can keep this up) I could get some time with a personal trainer.

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Life change? I hope so

My wife and I decided last night that we had to get in shape and resolved to get up every morning at 7:00am and exercise for at least 30 minutes. Well today is the first day. I know logically this is the right thing to do. I am almost 33 and I don’t think I could run a mile flat out:( When the alarm went off I couldn’t believe I was considering sleeping in! I didn’t though.

Why is doing the “right” thing so hard?

There is a TV in the exercise room (which our condo is right next to – talk about no excuses – I am right next door!) and I got to watch a morning news program for the first time in about 18 months because that is when we gave up watching TV.

Ugh. I couldn’t believe the crap that counts as news today. A full 15 minutes devoted to someone who got voted off of American Idol. After that there was 5 minutes of commercials then a story about a Coyote in Central Park NY. This is news? No wonder Americans are ignorant.

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Eternal Darkness and other great horror games

If you like H.P. Lovecraft you have got to play Eternal Darkness for the Nintendo Gamecube. It is in the bargain bin now and I picked up my copy for ~$15. A very creepy game with a unique spell system. I am about 11 hours into the game I have three chapters left.

First/Third person horror games are few and far between. The last great one for the PC was Clive Barker’s Undying. It seems these types of games are mostly the fair of consoles.

You can’t mention horror game without talking about the Silent Hill series – of which I think Silent Hill 2 was the best. Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4 seem all to eager too gross you out and lost the spooky atmosphere.

Gamecube has another great one in Resident Evil 4 which recently won Gamespot’s 2005 Game of the Year.

I am also very excited for Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth to be released at the end of the month. This is supposed a very hard game. For instance if you want to know how much ammunition you have left you actually have to unload the gun and check – can’t wait!

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Python web programming

I started playing with today to see how easy it would be to make a simple web app.

I followed the tutorial and everything was going well until it all stopped working. Took me about 20 minutes to figure out what was wrong. Can you see it?

urls = (
  '/', 'view'

No? Look again:

urls = (
  '/', 'view',

That’s right, I was missing a comma. Did the program complain? No. What was the output on the web browser: “not found”.

I wasn’t impressed. I hate when stuff like that happens. I will still play with because it is so simple but I will be much more careful in the future.

I play a lot of computer games. Most of those games require a serial number. I am going to use to make a small web app to store all of my serial numbers. Seems like a good test and more complicated than the tutorials “todo list”.

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Look and Feel change

Well I decided I wasn’t entirely happy with my hacked up default theme. I wanted a wider theme so when I wrote code examples they wouldn’t run into the sidebar. I found a theme called Anarchy and hacked it up. I like simple designs and few graphics make it load very fast.

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Finished Harry Potter series

Well I just recently finished the whole Harry Potter series and now am actually excited for book seven to be released. I can’t wait to see how J.K. Rowling wraps it all up.

Speaking of Rowling her site is one of the worst I have ever seen. Flash only sites are a horrible blight upon the internet and should be outlawed. She does have a text-only version but even that is ugly – white and yellow on black. Normally if I mention a site I would link to it but I can’t bear to put anybody kind enough to read my blog through that kind of pain.

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