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Second day of exercising

Well we got up again this morning at 7:00am. Whew I am tired. Yesterday I did 30 minutes on an elliptical and according to the distance meter I went about two miles. Today I did 30 minutes on a treadmill and according to its distance meter I did 1.6 miles. I am not sure either machine is properly calibrated because the time on the treadmill felt a lot longer and harder. I was only able to jog/run for about 11 of the 30 minutes before I started to feel searing pain in my legs and decided to do a fast walk.

I think on the weekends I will do weights. I am not entirely sure I am working out the most efficiently since I am sort of making it up as a go but I am afraid to do anything official as I would probably get trapped by the fitness industry.

We also have a gym right next to our house so if after a few months (I am being very optimistic I can keep this up) I could get some time with a personal trainer.

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