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Why I hate Infinity Ward games

So I recently picked up Modern Warfare 1 & 2 off of Steam. I had played them on the Xbox 360 previously and wanted to play them again on my PC.

I haven’t played even two hours before I am so fed up with the games I am ready to delete them. Somehow I forgot about the utter frustration that is Infinity Ward.

Basically it comes down to their stupid ass scripting system.

Picture this. I am on a rooftop supposed to be heading to an extraction point. I kill every enemy in sight. I then take one step forward and trigger some event and next thing I know there are 20 guys coming out of the woodwork.

For one it really pulls you out of the moment because if feels fake. The other thing is until I get to the next magical scripting point these guys just keep coming…

Wave after wave of them. I could literally kill 500 guys but once I cross the “line” there isn’t a baddie in sight.

It really sucks.I know most people buy the games for multiplayer where this wouldn’t be an issue at all but I don’t play multiplayer. I crave the awesome single player experience.

I won’t really delete them but I doubt I will play them ever again.

UPDATE (12/11/16): Can confirm I never played them again.

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