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Goodbye Apple…

Today marks the day I start purging Apple from my life. My music has been moved to my Windows system, my MacMini has been shutdown. Soon I will upgrade all my DRM tracks from iTunes to the unprotected ones so I can move all the music to my Linux system. My AT&T contract is up in February and I will be getting either a Nokia N900 or some Android phone and after that I will be Apple free.

The deprecation of Java is the last straw for me. My Anti-Apple sentiments has been building over the last two years but the Lion announcement and the Java blurb is enough.

When OSX first came out I remember them talking about Open systems. A first class Java platform, kernel and user land that was open source (Darwin). Safari was based on the khtml engine and became webkit.

Of course they did some nasty things back then as well:

  • Anybody remember Watson? Then Apple’s Sherlock? You know the complete rip off of an indie developer?
  • Anybody remember Konfabulator? Then Apple’s Dashboard? You know the complete rip off of an indie developer?
  • Anybody remember Delicious Library? Then Apple’s iBooks? You know the complete rip off of an indie developer?

Just a few examples of when I should have left Apple before but let it slide.

Then came the iPhone and it has been downhill ever since. Now don’t get me wrong the iPhone is a wondrous piece of engineering but it comes at a high price: completely closed development and walled garden.

This is a post I made on Reddit six months ago: [deleted] and I was almost ready then to ditch Apple but I thought maybe there was a chance of things changing.

Lion and the new MacApp store shows that Apple is tightening the reigns more and more.

One more thing that really pissed me off. I have an original Apple TV and when Apple decided to not port the Netflix app to the old version I lost it. I just couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t been a victim of this before now and I wasn’t happy at all. There is NO reason to not upgrade the older Apple TVs other than to kill them off.

Apple is the new Microsoft, Google is the new IBM and Oracle is worst of both put together!

So I am putting my trust in Canonical (makers of Ubuntu)

What a strange time we live in.

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