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Month: July 2023

Fifty Winters

Today I woke up and realized I turn 50 today. I have survived 50 winters! 10,000 years ago I might have been the oldest person in the world. Today it feels like what turning 30 was for my parents.

I remember in my childhood in the 70s/80s that turning 50 was a major milestone. You were now “over the hill”. You were close to retirement. Life was half over.

Today it feels like 50 isn’t special. It feels like middle age (remember middle age used to be late 30s/40s). I would like to say I am not affected but I am looking back and wonder what the hell I have been doing up-to-this-point.

A friend and I talked about immortality recently and we both agreed we didn’t want it. For myself I can barely figure out what to do on a Saturday night let alone hundreds of years.

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