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Where are all the emacs books?

So I decided to give emacs another try. I say another because in 2004 I used it for about 3 months before deciding to go back to vim. So I went to Barnes & Noble at the University Village shopping center tonight and they didn’t have a single book! When I got home I went to (I work there by the way) and searched for ’emacs’. Three titles came up that were relatively new and in print. Three. The greatest editor ever and there are only three books? Eclipse hasn’t been out that long and there are entire bookshelves dedicated to it so what is the deal? I don’t know but it might be related to lisp. Lisp is supposedly the greatest programming language available but good luck finding more than one or two books on the topic and those will probably be academic texts.

Maybe the emperor doesn’t have any clothes on. Maybe I am reading all these blogs from Paul Graham and Steve Yegge and am convincing myself that the whole world is using emacs and lisp except me.I will am still going to give emacs another go but I won’t expect it to solve all my problems this time around and maybe I will enjoy it all the more.

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New Python website is sexy

Well it looks like has finally entered the realms of web 2.0. Nice colors, css templates, and new round jelly looking logo. Is this a reaction to Guido’s recent post regarding better marketing or had they planned this for quite some time? (my guess is its been in the works for a while).

Currently Python is my language of choice but after reading all of Steve Yegge’s old blog entries I am second guessing myself and thinking I shouldn’t drop Ruby totally.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Well you might have noticed my book list on the right and see that I am reading the whole Harry Potter series back to back. I just recently finished Goblet of Fire and the movie came out today and was anxious to see it.

My first impression was that it was a Cliff notes version of the book. They cut so much out that it felt like the movie was on fast forward. I think it was better than the Prisoner of Azkaban though.

Lets see some of the things they left out (there are more but here are the highlights):

  • Riddle family murders
  • Bertha Jorkin
  • Potter at the Dursleys
  • Mr. Weasley “flooing” to pick up Potter and confronting Mr. Dursley
  • Winky the house elf
  • Percy Weasley (Weatherby)
  • Ludo Bagman
  • Fred and George’s bet
  • Team Mascots
  • Who won the Quidditch World Cup game
  • Ministry of Magic protecting World Cup
  • Potter, Weasley, Malfoy’s in box seats
  • Death Eaters attacking muggles
  • Weighing of the Wands
  • Potter resisting Imperio Curse
  • Bagman and the Goblins
  • S.P.E.W. and the House-Elf Liberation Front
  • Return of Dobby
  • Return of Sirius
  • The giant spider in the maze
  • Explanation of Priori Incantatem
  • Potter giving the Triwizard Cup winnings to Fred and George
  • Rita Skeeter being able to turn into a bug
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David Gilmour is better than ever

It’s safe to say I am a big David Gilmour fan. I love Pink Floyd and whenever I would talk to someone else who liked them as well they were always surprised I didn’t like Roger Waters more. Perhaps this is too strong – I like him just fine but I don’t think he was the “heart” of Floyd as some fan boys and he himself thinks. I distinctly remember getting into a fight with someone over this a few years ago. We were discussing the relative merits of Gilmour and Waters when finally he said something to the affect “Well without Waters you wouldn’t have songs like Comfortably Numb!” when I told him Gilmour wrote the music for it he thought I was lying. What attracts me to Floyd and Gilmour is the music. The lyrics are nice too But don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing Waters. I loved Radio K.A.O.S and The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking. But Gilmour’s On an Island and About Face are better!

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Now I have a blog too!

Well this is the first entry of my new blog. I thought “Hey everyone else has one – why not me?”. Well not exactly. Actually another blog entry persuaded me to blog. Steve Yegge used to work at, where I work now. While I recognized the name I didn’t really know him. I didn’t even know he wrote a blog until I saw it linked off of the other day. I was hooked. After spending most of Sunday night reading through his blog I came across his entry titled You Should Write Blogs and it convinced me to start one of my own.

So I did some googling and decided on WordPress. I had previously setup MediaWiki so I already had a mySQL installation. I had it up and running in about 20 minutes and was impressed – not only did it look good but is a cinch to administrate.I then had to convert my old site to WordPress. I still have a lot to learn but I got it up and running in about two hours, which included modifying the default template. My old site had a javascript calculator I wrote which doesn’t work correctly as a WordPress “page” so I will probably work on that next.

Speaking of modifying the default template, how do you like my header? I got it from a program called RapidWeaver which I bought and used for about a month before deciding that it wasn’t powerful enough. Thankfully since I own a license I don’t feel bad about ripping out one image and some CSS from one of their templates.

One other thing…I am eagerly waiting for midnight when David Gilmour’s new solo album, On an Island, is released on iTunes.

Well I guess this is enough for now…stay tuned!

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